May 28th Daily Update

To Do Today:

  • Do your math and novel reading
  • Turn in your progress report for this week (page 94)
  • Research paper rough draft is due today
  • You should turn in your draft, even if it is only a few sentences
  • If you need help, ask for a meeting on Zoom (send an email to either teacher)
  • The final draft is due June 11th – you have time to catch up, but must start working now
  • Watch this video:
  • Complete notes on the video and write a one paragraph summary (use your own lined paper or just send an email)
  • Weekly progress report (page 94-95)
    • Note: We did not read the article on Eurasia and North America trade routes

If you are finished with your rough, then you should:

  • Start article summary #5 (page 90-91) and #6 (page 92-92)
  • Start your rough draft (page 95-98) of the research paper

What is Due on June 11th?

  • Weekly progress reports for all weeks of the project
  • Article summaries #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
  • Outline
  • Rough Draft
  • Second Draft
  • Final Draft
  • Interview notes (this starts in June, so I will explain the interview
  • Final draft:
    • You must use your outline (that was due last week)
    • Write in your packet
    • State your topic
    • State your thesis
    • Have three sections (introduction, main body, conclusion)
    • Include at least 4 sources
    • Include at least 1 citation sandwich
    • Typed in Word
    • Correct APA formatting


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