May 25th Update

No Zoom meetings today. The next Zoom meetings will be:

  • Mr. Budning’s class: Tuesday May 26th 11 AM
  • Mr. Kertes’s class: Wednesday May 27th 11 AM

Progress reports will go out later this week (I am still running a bit late). There is time to catch up. Please be sure to have completed:

  • Your IXL (20 minutes a day)
  • Your article summaries (#1, #2, #3, #4)
  • Your research paper outline

To Do Today:

  • Start reading two more articles about your topic
  • You can use any source – World Book, Wikipedia, online, etc.
  • Be sure to record (write down) your source and ask if you are not certain that it is credible or trustworthy
  • Start article summary #5 (page 90-91) and #5 (page 92-92)
  • Start your rough draft (page 95-98) of the research paper
    • You must use your outline (that was due last week)
    • Write in your packet
    • State your topic
    • State your thesis
    • Have three sections (introduction, main body, conclusion)
    • Include at least 4 sources
    • Include at least 1 citation sandwich
    • Aim for 2-4 pages (not double spaced)
    • Writing using paper and a pencil for this draft

How do you write a citation sandwich?

  • Describe
  • Cite
  • Explain

Example: There are many kinds of dogs. According to Smith (2002), “More than 500 kinds of dogs exist” (pg. 209). This means that you can choose from all the different kinds of dogs.

When citing use this format: According to ______ (____), “____________________________________________________” (pg. ___).

If you don’t know the date or there is not a page number, leave those out of the citation. Be sure to explain what the quote from the text (the citation) means in the next sentence.


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