May 14th Daily Update

Today – Thursday is BOOK CLUB day…


  • There is no school on Friday May 15th and Monday May 18th.
  • Progress reports will be emailed to students today at 3:00 PM since there is no school on Monday.
  • Be sure to have completed and turned in the following by 3:00 PM today:
    • Your short story from last week
    • At least 20 minutes of IXL Math every day this week
    • The Writing Process Quiz from Monday
    • Novel Logs for this week
    • The Video Key Ideas and Summary from Tuesday
    • Article Notes and Summaries #1 and #2
    • Weekly Project Progress Report for week 2
  • Any work that is not completed and turned in by 3:00 PM will receive a 40 (Incomplete). (Note: If you are on a home school plan or other alternate program you may be completing different assignments. If you are not sure, check with Mr. Kertes.)

Be sure to attend today’s afternoon session. It will be a book club on Hatchet. You will receive a mark for showing that you can discuss a book as part of a book club. Remember: Don’t say “I did not read it” (even if that’s true). If you say this, the highest mark you can receive is a 50 (C-).


  1. Today is on page 47.
  2. Turn in your notes from two articles (page 49-50 and 51-52).
  3. Turn in your Novel Logs. Be ready for the Book Club. Today’s session will be graded. You must participate in the discussion and share your own reflections on Hatchet.
  4. Watch this video:
  5. Complete the Weekly Project Progress Report (page 53-54).

Every Day:

  1. Check your email every day after 9:30 AM.
  2. Go to your one on one session (if you have one today).
  3. Go to your afternoon small group session.
  4. Read the novel for at least 20 minutes.
  5. Complete the Novel Log for the day and turn it in.
  6. Work on IXL for at least 20 minutes.
  7. Work on the project for at least 20 minutes.
  8. Do your PE and other classes for the day.
  9. Turn in all your work for the day.


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